AfroQuakeR is an independent DJ and Producer hailing from Venezuela, with an unwavering passion for electronic music. His journey began in 2010 as a Hardstyle DJ, but his love for the genre expanded into a desire to create his own unique sound. Over the years, he has effortlessly delved into multiple genres, including Drum & Bass, House, Techno as AfroQuakeR, and Trap Music as Grando. With his first official release in 2014, AfroQuakeR established himself as a versatile artist. In 2015, he embraced Techno and Tech House as his primary genres, infusing them with his signature touch of combining enchanting melodies with powerful basslines. This fusion captivates listeners and creates a distinctive musical experience. In 2016, AfroQuakeR co-founded Fruit Salad Incorporated with like-minded friends, initially aimed at showcasing local talent. As their

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