Pedro Gil

From the beginning of the eighties his taste for music was marked dance, but it is until 1987, under the influence of the era where it begins his interest in play music. From 1990 he begins to be a resident of the most important clubs in his hometown, maintaining that status for more than 15 years in Barquisimeto, his hometown, making himself known in the middle for its versatility in handling any gender of music, until the middle of 2000 who decides to make a career as a freelance DJ focusing on house music as main within their live sets. As a producer, his tracks have been licensed by the most important labels around the world, such as: Stereo Recordings, Vesta Records, RPO, Music Over Life, Tigereye, Iberican Recordings, Tribo Recordings, Overskin, Elastic Dimension Records, Crosslinks, In Progresso Records, Emulsion

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