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International artist, dj and producer, known as Alessandro Ambrosio, after 16 years of being in background of the World music scene, learning and working hard all the way in music, finally got him his ‘’Way To The Top’’ results. Year 2012 is huge professional step in music for him as his tracks and albums started to be released and many of still unrevealed music from his long year production is going to see the daylight. First exclusive release ever on Beatport was for one track called ‘’The Way To The Top’’ from album ‘’AROUND THE WORLD’’, thankfully to his first label SK Yaris Records Inc./ Miami Techno Chrome Records/ Miami Gangsters RecordsBorn in Croatia, Europe, Alessandro Ambrosio started remixing and creating his own sounds at very young age as a hobi. Year 1997 is start of his own production, exactly on his birthday he promised to himself that he will never give up of his music dream, of living his music, and from there coming his life moto ‘’Live Your Music’’. ‘’((When i was like 16, there was my favorite radio show where was two hour of playing only music such as trance and techno and i always kept my finger on recording button of some old stereo now which still working (smile), so i recorded it every time on tapes and later done cuts and recordings on same tapes, and got remixes, it was complicated but it was working and i loved it.))’’His music styles are varieties of more styles, he is combining trance, house, progressive, electro, chillout and ambient. Starting from trance as it was Alessandro’s first passion, his production going in more directions where he discover house music and it combinations plus chillout and ambient music. All that results in something new cause today we can say that Alessandro Ambrosio is brand name for three way music concepts, something like 3 brands in one, what was Alessandro’s goal at the first place. As we speaking, there are already finished albums in all of his music concepts. He is coming from very small town called ‘’Sisak’’, where he danced more than 15 years different styles of dances and desire for making his own sounds came exactly from that dance experience but instead of professional dancing he focused on music cause that is his life, his love and joy. During all those years, Alessandro kept on making music and improve his production by changing programs, methods, samples, whole new concepts and ideas of production and it was worth it for him. ‘’((The most interesting thing inmusic production for me is when I create some tracks, melodies or beats and save it as project file and then after 15 years I reopened it and do my stuff to achieve the best quality of it and enjoy listening))’’.Right now Alessandro’s music production contain more than 1000 tracks produced and composed, 100’s of remixes and more than 10 albums which has not been revealed yet till now.First trance album that shows up in year 2004. is called ‘’SECOND STAGE OF LIFE’’, coming with 13 tracks, with great tracks ''La Prim De Tar'' and ''Middle Of Hope''. After that in year 2005., Alessandro Ambrosio finished his second album ‘’’FIRST IMPRESSION’’ where he presents 10 tracks in combination of electro, progressive house and trance concept such as: ‘’Be My Life’’, ‘’Memories’’, ‘’Insignificant’’, etc. Track ‘’Insignificant’’ got him great critics and compliments from listeners after there was live presentation on local radio for whole album. At the same time while album was promoting, Alessandro bouncing up the remixes for tracks ‘’An Angel’’ by Paul Van Dyk and ‘’As The Rush Comes’’ by Motorcycle. ’’((I wanted to see critics and comments of people, I needed it, cause that was my big motivation to keep on working with music and go professional, and I got awesome critics. It is great feeling when friends, people you know and you don’t know, believe in you))’’.From than till now he was remixing many tracks from David Guetta, Fragma, Armin, Lady Gaga, Britney, Rihanna, SHM, Timati, Tim Berg, Dash Berlin, Faithless, RMB, Enrique, 4 Strings, Delirium, Tiesto, Jakarta, LMFAO, Severina, Ivan Gough, Tatu and many more. Today you can find Alessandro’s music on his official sites on Beatport, Youtube, Myspace, Vkontakte, Facebook, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Promo Dj, and more. Back in year 2007. there is 3rd album ‘’STRING THE FALLING MOMENT’’, and in year 2008. Alessandro keeping the same rhythm and bringing up 4th album called ‘’ANOTHER ME’’ with combination of house/trance style concept. Also in 2008. on Maldives, on weekends, Alessandro was playing as Dj on resorts but only as part of vacation and helping friends. In 2009. there is music chance in St. Peterburg in Russia, when dj’s Elizabeth Lectra and Denis Vanila invited him as a guest to play in clubs. ‘’((Elizabeth and Denis believed in me when I got invited for the first time to come in Russia to play, to promote and they still believe like everyone now so that is a reason why I am here today. One of the best things that Eli told me is: Do you know why are you going to be the greatest? Everyone on their free time after work going out, in cinema or just having some kind of fun or rest, but you my friend, you just sit and produce music in your free time, every day 10 or more hours in row and that makes your life happy, you truly living your music))’’ After that Alessandro continuously promoting and playing live in Russia, Ukraine, Croatia and keep preparing for one of the greatest music events like Sensation White, Ibiza, Kazantip, Trancemission, Global Gathering, Zrce in Croatia and many more clubs, places, beaches. One of his greatest future project events is his global music brand that will officially be kept on MALDIVES on one of the islands. More about name and details of project will be announced on Alessandro’s official website. ‘’((About project I can say that will be very interesting, each year, each month, right on the island, a huge music festival with many famous dj’s and producers, I may not tell all right now (smile). Idea for this project came from my other biggest wish and goal, and that is to bring festival Sensation White in Croatia. I love it, music is life and i want to give to people of Croatia the same feeling as when you go in another country just to feel those moments. I am a dreamer but I do my dreams))’’ Next on albums: Year 2009. is reserved for 5th album called ‘’BLAME ME’’ with 14 tracks included. Ambrosio’s 6th album and first one in chillout and ambient style is ‘’MEMORIES OF THE STONES’’ from year 2010, where is one of the greatest ambient track ‘’One Expectation’’ featuring Ukrainian vocal singer Valeria Lukyanova. It is first track where Alessandro combined new vocal with his instrumentals. ‘’(( In mostly tracks I like most of it the harmony of melodies in it, sometimes vocal are just not needed in track if there is nice melodies, but I am for both always))’’. Till today, Alessandro was working with many people in music business, dj’s, vocals and singers like Marco Fabrizio, Tristan Woodroffe, Elina Milan, Dj Vlado Sremac, Elfa, Elizabeth Lectra, Dj Denis Vanila, Olga Milaha and many others. In same year at the same time Alessandro was working and finished the 7th album called ‘’BEYOND PARADISE’’. Going further, in year 2011. there are 8th and 9th albums ‘’OVERTIME’’ and ‘’SUMMER AMBROSIA’’ with awesome house and trance concept tracks. One track called ‘’Children Of The World’’, Alessandro was made for UNICEF as he wanted to give message to the World about poverty and sickness of children. Also later he promote one more video for UNICEF ‘’Some Children Voice Never Heard’’. Latest album from year 2012. called ‘’ALL OVER THE WORLD’’ with 17 tracks are in pre-production right now. New projects in Ambrosio’s production having much more ideas for combining more and more new vocals, working with famous vocals on today’s top best charts from pop to trance plus having collaboration with many greatest dj’s and producers like Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Sweedish House Mafia, Bruno Mars, Paul Van Dyk, and more. Alessandro will kick of many new releases, many new sets and episode of it, albums and much more. Keep up with Alessandro’s music production and keep believing in him. ‘’((Remember, ‘’Live your music’’ and never give up. Stay tuned))’’For more info and support check out Alessandro Ambrosio’s Official Website www.alessandroambrosio.comFore contact, collaboration, booking

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