Groovetique's Biography: Groovetique burst onto the electronic music scene in 2013 with a refreshing take on lush, Techno-inspired music, pricking up the ears with some flavored Groovy House and Dark sounds. As Romania’s underground scene takes shape under the guise of an increasingly deep and experimental form, there are some who would seek to break from the path that those before them had previously set. One of these few promising individuals is Groovetique, living at the heart of the Romanian scene, it’s capital Bucharest. Groovetique shared the decks alongside big artists like Mladen Tomic, Shaded, Mirror States, Dosem, Subb-an, Izhevski, Luna City Express, Nu Zau, Vinyl Speed Adjust, Super Flu, Monkey Safari, Alex Mine, ANNA, Wehbba, Barem, Hearthrob, and so on... Groovetique always takes an 'anything goes' approach. His restless straddling of genres and

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