The Maniacs

The maniacsGenerated Techno / Hard TechnoThe maniacs aka Luis Cobos & Mike TndxThe Maniacs is a project formed by Luis Alberto Cobos Martinez, also known as Luis Cobos and Miguel MONDRAGON CONTRERAS, also known as Mike TNDX, at the beginning of 2016 Luis Cobos and Mike, deciding to share their ideas and create The Maniacs, thanks to their great friendship and taste for the same gender.Te Maniacs is a Techno sound With melodic nuances and dark entesferures, they have played their tracks on labels such as: Dark music, earnings records, manic records, subwoofer recordings, minihard ltd, bump records, black habitat, bass noize, future Techno , Sound tool Records and RZ music among others.We have also had the opportunity to share the stage with artists such as Mat Sassari, Mad Max

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