Diva Vocal

Diva Vocal is one of the most prominent singer/songwriters in the house music industry in the past decade. Originally from Bulgaria, she obtained her higher education in Los Angelis, USA, where she fell in love with the electronic music scene. Most of her releases and features inevitably end up in the charts. Recognized by DJ Tiesto himself, her numerous collabs easily find their way to some of the most prestigious clubs, playlists, and radio programs. Her trancy, sensual voice, honest delivery, and deep-felt lyrics, combined with a cheerful personality have not only helped her sustain a career in this male-dominated field, but also tour the world alongside her fellow DJs and reside over countless parties. https://www.divavocal.com https://www.facebook.com/divavocal https://instagram.com/divavocalbg https://bit.ly/3jugzAV

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