Francesco Santarini, aka DJ Santarini, is born April 2, 1992 in the city 'of Carrara (MS), known around the world for the precious white marble.He begins playing in the disco in November 2013.He has played at: Faruk Versilia (LU), Baronette Versilia (LU), Jux Tap (Sarzana, SP) Beach Club (Cinquale, MS), Twiga Beach Club (Forte dei Marmi, LU) , Minerva Beach with Bob Sinclar (Forte dei Marmi, LU) Seven Apples (LU), Capannina di Franceschi (Forte dei Marmi).He closed the concert of Bob Sinclar at Minerva Beach in summer 2014.From three summer he plays every wednesday night at Beach Club Versilia (MS).From the end of July 2016 He is one of the resident DJ of the first and only Nikki Beach in Italy, the Nikki Beach Versilia.In November 2016, he opened the

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