Mitch B.

Mitch B., Italian DJ producer, kickstarted his musical journey on the iconic beaches of the Romagnola Riviera. His stage name, Mitch, pays homage to the Baywatch lifeguard, reflecting the sun-soaked origins of his career. Since his early days, Mitch B. has graced the decks of renowned venues, including the legendary Papeete. His talent and dedication earned him the title of Best Resident DJ in Italy at the Dance Music Awards 2018. Alessandro Bruno, the man behind the moniker, has spent two decades delivering unforgettable DJ sets and producing tracks that traverse the realms of house, deep house, and Balearic electronics. Mitch B.'s sound resonated at iconic venues such as the Dunes in Ibiza, Ibiza Global Radio, BBk, and Donna Rosa 38 in Marina di Ravenna, White Beach in Cervia, the

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