Hailing from Ukraine, Anastasiia Supruniuk, better known as ANASTASiiA, is an up and coming DJ/Producer with a penchant for producing infectious tunes and relatable narratives. ANASTASiiA is already a well known Dj among US. She lives and works on music in Miami, the city that never sleeps because of its endless parties that actually has been a huge inspiration and motivation for ANASTASiiA. Inspired by melodic house and techno beats as well, ANASTASiiA’s music journey began at the tender age of 5 where she started creating melodies on a small electronic toy keyboard. This sparked her passion for music which lead her to pursue it later on in life. Being an avid storyteller, ANASTASiiA is greatly influenced by real life experiences, drawing inspiration for her music from personal experiences, allowing her

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