The ShamRockerS are a group of italian djs. They are 3, Luca Bergamaschi, Francesco Stentella and Gianluca Tavani. We can count 700 or more than a 1000 the clubbers that they make dance for all night long in just one night. People that when is in love loose their mind. People that started to love music years ago and they can t stop to love this amazing feeling called music.The unofficial debut of Luca Bergamaschi occurs in 2005 when he was 16, playing music in private parties. At 17 he starter to play music for one of the most importants club in Piacenza, Comoedia, busy raising bytes on saturdays nights .In that same period, “Stente”, his name Francesco Stentella and faithful ShamRocker, is at the Siglo Della Reina playing with

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