Noah Neiman

If you haven’t seen or heard the likes of Noah Neiman, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to jump! As if leading a Clark Kent/Superman double life,this mild mannered doctor-by-day, shape shifts into an electro-trance sensation at night, whose music is bursting with energy! Having learned t o play t he piano, violin and t rombone all before age 11, Noahhas combined the classical training of his youth with his passion for dance music to become one of EDM’s rising producer/DJ stars. He has released originalrecords and remixes through the industry’s leading imprints including Lange Recordings and Coldharbour Recordings. Supported by the world’s foremostDJs, virtually all of his tracks have visited Beatport’s Top 100 Trance and Progressive charts. Although he had already established himself as a formidable producer

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