DJ Tim Bayer

Emotion. Sympathy. Adventurer. Tim collects moments in the minds of his listeners. Individuality is his goal, creativity his way and tireless enthusiasm his philosophy of live. Inspired by everyday sounds around him, he is searching for the next level music experience, based on the musical taste, he got a few years before. He celebrated the opening show for artists like „Neelix“, „David Puentez“, „Gigo‘n‘Migo“ and many more on several German festivals and he is resident DJ in Clubs like the „Trödler“ or „Area 14“ in southern Germany with successful EDM events. His Bigroom track „Stroke“ brought him rst successes with many submissions on playlists and more than 250.000 streams. Tim‘s next step is to build a new home base in Hamburg, to study the mystery behind massive sounds and smooth

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