Frann Delice

About 16 years ago Frann Delice grew from his hip-hoproots and bloomed ever since into what he is today. Bathingdeeply into house music and belgian scene he decided toleave France and unpack his vinyl collection straight intoPalma de Mallorca to find an ambient more of his taste. Hefound here a crowd unlike he hoped for, so he became evermore famous and found to the local scene. Actually heworked even from the start with one of the biggest localpromoters, Zulos Club, with artists like Akufen, An Der Beat,Aril Brikha, Big Toxic, Chab, Chelonis R. Jones, David Duriez,Dirty Princess, Echomen, Fernanda Diaz, James Flavour,Jeff Bennet, Jody Wisternoff, Lexicon Avenue, Mike Monday,Catz n' Dogz, Pete Heller, Prompt, Sascha Funke, Slam, TaniaVulcano, Nikola Gala, Random Factor to name a few. Not onlythat, Frann Delice

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