Evil Nine

Tom Beaufoy and Pat Pardy first combined skills in 1998 and were quickly identified as a quality DJ/Producer duo by Adam Freeland who signed them to his Marine Parade label. Since then each of their releases have distinguished Evil Nine as innovators who refuse to blend into the scene, deriving their musical flavour from multiple influences including post punk, italo-disco, electro, classic power ballads, techno, krautrock, yacht rock, hip hop & 80's electronic movie soundtracks .Evil Nines next single is the two track 'Little Prince' EP on the Autokratz's amazing Bad Life label. We’ve spent 20 minutes in vain thinking of what genre to describe these two massive Evil Nine club tracks as.However, what we do know is that it’s big-peak-time-party-coming-up-and-dancing-yer-tits-off music, should beatport declare that to be a permissible

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