Bakka (BR)

Bolivian born, based in in the south of Brazil, Bakka first arrived in the spotlight of global underground dance music when alongside ZAC and Ashibah hitted the charts with the track Make It Better, Distortion and So High, Hitting 3 million streams on Spotify. Supported by some of the biggest producers from all around the world, That list includes artists like Joris Voorn, Hernan Cattaneo, Solomun, among others. To date, Bakka has released music on many of the industry's most respected labels including This Never Happened, Sprout, Armada, Ritter Butzke, MoBlack, Sony Music, Bunny Tiger, among others. With his musical background his talent got no horizon when it comes to genres and styles. Naturally his desire to express his musical creativity took shape in the studio. Absorbing all influences, his productions quickly started to imprint his

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