Tiziano G

Tiziano G was born in Naples in 1996. His passion for the music start since the young age of 15 years old. Self-taught musician, Dj and Producer, Tiziano G can definitely be qualified as a polyhedric and inspired artist. Listening to his sets, which are involving and full of positive vibes, it is impossible not to notice the strong sense of empathy he feels with the audience. Tiziano G had the opportunity to perform in Ibiza, London, Barcellona and Naples, likes : Cafe Del Mar (Barcelona), Blu Marlin (Ibiza) E1 (LONDON) 93EAST and many more around Europe. Currently, Tiziano G is focus on his project, aimed at spreading the importance and power of music, creativity and the respect to the life’s order as core values of life.

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