Polish duo playing electronic dance music that consists of Warsaw based producers Marcin Chmarzyński (Tigermaan) and Piotr Jarecki (PiMO). They have released three studio albums, and their productions are a combination of different styles - house, electro and disco. They have scored remixes for stars of the Polish and foreign music scene such as Monika Brodka, Reni Jusis and Demon - the legend of the club music scene, the author of the all time favorite "You Are My High" hit.T he group was founded in 1999. T he name Modfunk name comes from the Polish words "modny” (trendy) and "funk". The first hit was a recording of "Taxi Boy", following with "Superstar", which was placed in the music compilation "Pepsi Faza" (“Pepsi Phase”). The singles that came next were "Funk

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