Shield (IT)

Daniele 'Shield' Contrini is the creative mastermind and owner of the acclaimed Rebirth Records. His journey into the realm of music began back in 1998, when he joined forces with Bacci Productions to remix tracks for the iconic New York label, Easy Street. After an exciting five-year stint as A&R and promoter at Oxyd Records, in 2006, he decided to create his very own musical powerhouse, Rebirth. As one half of the dynamic duo NUfrequency, alongside Cristiano Massera, he spearheaded the production of the album 'Connected'. This musical treasure features two timeless tracks: 'Go That Deep' with the enchanting vocals of Shara Nelson and 'Fallen Hero' featuring Ben Onono. In the studio, Shield's creative collaboration with his longtime friend, Robytek, has produced a plethora of singles, EPs, and remixes that resonate with

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