Nimkit is a Techno,Progressive-House producer from Athens, Greece.As a former clubber, he has been influenced by the Techno and EDM underground sound of several producers and Dj's. After experimenting in electronic music production and sound designing,Nimkit made his first release in June 2012 with the digital single "Minidrops"as "Leo Nardo" by "AMAdea Music".Then he started releasing his tracks as" Nimkit" .Nimkit's releases so far: "Digital Traveler" EP by "Tattva Music" , "Your Tecky Dream" by "Acuna" , "World of Stars" by "Fractalism Music" and "The Amazing (Nimkit Remix)" by "Tattva Music".His music diffuses the borders between Techno,Minimal, Progressive and Deep Tech House combining his influences,with his trademark sound,into a fresh mix.More to come!Nimkit (Techno,Minimal,Progressive-Tech House) Contact :

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