Dexter Dub

Dexter Dub is a producer, DJ and remixer from Cologne. Around 1996 his addiction on collecting vinyl began and he started as a Hip-Hop-DJ and turntablist known as DJ I.R.S. ONE. This continued until 2007, when his main interest switched to Reggae Drum n Bass and Ragga-Jungle and he established the aka Dexter Dub. At the Nippes Home Productions studio he produces his own tracks, mixtapes/-CDs, versions, mash ups, tunes and remixes since 2001. In 2008 Dexter Dubs first 12" vinyl single (Behold/Dub Mi Ya Choppa) was released on Basspräsidium Records, which featured two Ragga-Jungle tunes. This was followed 2010 by his first longplayer on CD named "Dexters Dub Dimension". It's a multi-genre album which was also released on Basspräsidium Records. In the same year he released three Dubstep tracks on

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