Slop Rock

Brisbane fused a wealth of talent in duo Slop Rock. For Mitch and Tomy the evolution from chunky band material to the leading electronic approach encouraged a musical virtuoso. Heavy on the electro and progressive tips, this finely tuned duo sets a standard worth taking your earplugs out for.2009 broke dawn when the duo fluxed and the Slop Rock onslaught emerged drawing inspiration from the years passed, with modern dance music icons Zedd, Swanky Tunes, Denzal Park and local hero Tommy Trash. Regularly frolicking with raw live sounds and dance floor beats it’s without a doubt the product exuded is nothing short of epic.Signed to Velcro, Sweat It Out, CR2, Ministry of Sound & Central Station Records Slop Rock are too pushing their own empire Shabang and Hi-Tech Records aligning

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