Tuff Rider

Tuff Rider, DJ/Producer started playing different parties and radio stations. His first residence was the legendary Newscafes in Belfast with lounge, soul, funk and house music, but also in Utrecht in various Grand cafés and clubs. In 2012 he started playing in Anno Almere where he made several residencies ... Creating a good atmosphere while people relax or dance. Slowly but steadily capturing the attention of music industry heavyweights in the burgeoning electro house scene, UK’s Tuff Rider brings a level of work ethic and flair you wouldn’t expect, in a tireless effort to rejuvenate the authentic feeling of exhilaration in modern dance music. Since 2018 Tuff Rider has been playing many private parties in England and has focused more and more on producing his own tunes. Many of his tracks have been released on different

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