Tu Truong pres. SICKCODE - Music Producer from the Vietnam. He has fallen in love with electronic music when he discovered Trance, especially Progressive Trance. Ever since that day, the miracles of this music drive his passion forward. In 2020, He started his journey to conquer Trance. As early as 2021, he made the first impression by becoming the first Vietnamese to be released on Trance All-Stars Records, his single called "Eliphaz". In the fall of 2021, SICKCODE and KEUSE took a big step forward when they first appeared on Anjunabeats Rising Residency with the song "Uncolored". He also got a new signed from Roman Messer to hit up his next single on Suanda Music. The year 2022 marks an important milestone in his career with "Two Alternatives" and "Melodious" being

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