Spirit Tag

Spirit Tag is a producer of many projects. He has many stuff in different ganres of music. The owner and founder of labels as Melody-Z Records, Spirit Room Records, Zidu Records, Progressive Time, Playtape, Horizon Sight Records. He has lot of supports and positive feedbacks from best known artists, djs and producers. Rotations of his works on the radio stations as di.fm and pure.fm and others. You can find his works under projects as: Reloke, EL Joy, Invisible Date, Dota, Zender-F, John Wilstone, Playtape, Ferika. Also You can find his releases on labels as: Kontor New Media, Paranoja Records, Housesession Records, Taux Music, Sundesire Records, System Recordings, LW Recordings, Essentials, and many more.

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