Rich Gior

Disregard your current perception of a house music DJ andmeet Rich Gior; the quintessential “master-of-all-trades” ofelectronic music. His ability to skillfully incorporate a widevariety of genres into his music significantly sets him asidefrom the majority of DJs. With styles ranging, hedemonstrates an extraordinary amount of talent, creativityand ingenuity. From adolescence, he revealed his passionand desire for producing house music. In 2008, merely ayear after beginning his music career, Rich Gior made hisfirst release on LOV recordings with former owner "Kobbe"at the young age of 16. Since then, he has had the pleasureof working with some of New York’s most esteemed artistsand many labels such as Nervous Records, Dark VibeProductions, Southside Recordings, PBR Recordings, PeakHour Music, KULT, and various others. In 2010, his release“Taking a Life” flooded local dance floors. It

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