Laid Off

Soundscape of the Helsinki city underground sky line. Down tempo sleazy house beats take the reigns into laid back territory.Deep and meaningful ear candy Born under the midnight sun, forged in a frozen waste land. No time for stiffness. These guys are gonna melt you down!Sachrias has been busy with his collaboration with Aslak (PothOles) and over the past ten+ years of spinningrecords and promoting underground house parties in Helsinki, whilst remixing or being remixed by the likes of Soul Minority, Dirt Crew or Roberto Rodriguez. Sachrias has maintained his mark under a heavy workload. (studio Mole)El Mono is known from his label Pingispong Records. Releasing such artists as Stig Dogg, G-Litter and Kuja Orchestra. He's been a passionate record collector and DJ since the 90's. Sachrias and El Mono

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