Iker Kabe

Iker Kabe, a DJ and Producer from San Sebastian whofound his passion for electronic music at the early age of 17years when one of his friends let him two turnables andsome old vinyls.As he felt so attracted to th Djing he decidedto buy his own equipment. After some month practicing hestarted djing in different shop openings and pubs.His mainstyle of music is the Tech-house, although his musicincludes many styles, from the quiest house to the harderand forceful rhythms.His sets are characterized by being full of rhythm, energyand groove.Soon he began acting in the best clubs in thecity; Komplot, Sound Moon, Pagoa, Conjunto Vacio, Laketetc.In 2012 he began to produce his own tracks usually inhis Tech-house style. Nowadays, he alternates his sets inseveral clubs and discos in the Basque Country whilemaking

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