Eddie Mess

DJ/Producer, sound designer, mixing/mastering engineer. Co-founder/owner of the Ribelle Music Label group. He has several aliases, people may know his work mainly as Eddie Mess and Nostromos. He work mostly in peak time and dark techno as a dj and producer too. Labels where he was released: With both aliases he received invitations to Deborah De Luca's label Solamente, and he has also made several appearances on the Yellowheads' label the Reload Records, and T78's label Autektonen, among others. His tracks are regularly spun by Sam Wolfe, The Yellowheads, and several of his works have been featured in Adam Beyer, Layton Giordani, UMEK, Deborah De Luca and several internationally acclaimed artists sets. https://linktr.ee/eddiemess

Latest Releases