John Spider

Ionut Popovici a.k.a JOHN SPIDER is a trance DJ and producer hailing from Iasi, Romania. He specializes in emotional vibes and outputs a variety of subgenres from deep/progressive trance to hard hitting uplifting and psytrance. He started a weekly radio show that he named Spiders in the Mix in 2008 that eventually got featured on Trance.FM that ran for 177 episodes and ended in 2011 due to work commitments. After a long absence from the scene, in 2017 he restarted his old show with a unique style of seemlessly blending deep and progressive vibes with hammering trance sounds. As a producer he has released tracks and remixes under labels such as Alter Ego, Arkham Digital, Boomtic Records, Tuned:Flow and Vibrate Audio.

Latest Releases