Jean-Jerome has cultivated his style to embrace a wide range of musical styles but stays true to the House Music sound. His passion for Electronic Music has been strongly influenced by Detroit Techno and Chicago and New York House Music. He is a DJ and Producer in Paris and has been in charge of several radio shows aired on well know French radio channel, RADIO FG for the last 20 years. (1996/2013) House/Techno DJ since 1993 and Radio Host, DJ and Producer for more than 17 years on Radio FG in Paris. (Club FG , Paradise Session, Matinée House, Alloungez-Vous...) A released numerous EPs and remixes on prestigious labels (KIF, Serial, EMI, DJ Center, Joy Productions, Instinctive, Purespace, Sony Japan, Karmic Power Records, Pumpz, S&S Records Inc, Iconyc, MBMH, Silent Koalas, Glamour Punk, Soul

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