He comes from a musical family where the first contact with music was as a violinist at age 6,after school at Vanja occurs love of percussion, which he started playing as a ten year old.Experimenting with different musical genres over the years after, leading him to electronicmusic, and in early 2000 he founded the first Bosnian electronic live band "kazoo". As leadsinger and percussionist goes way different directions of music - House, Tech, Deep, Tribal andTechno.As a DJ and producer builds name Fat V. and since 2012 he began working independently, andreleased their first single "Oh Lord" at Fluor rec. with famous producer BiH Elvedin Mujagićknown as D.F.K., after which it opens many doors of world publishing houses.He has worked on projects for large, Sony music, Pool E Music, Tumbata,

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