Xavier Arak

Xavier Arak, electronic and soul Love the soul and make electronics without losing the feeling, is a complicated task, but possible. That's what makes Xavier Arak, a young producer based in Ibiza Santander, after just few months into the world of production, has managed to get an EP by Kommunication Records, another through Disco Royal, seal Aldo Cadiz and be chartered by Pablo Bolivar. His real name is Javier Aracil, grew up in his hometown with the voice of Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin, as well as that of his father, Javier Aracil, a famous soul singer of the time. His musical culture was expanded in London, where he lived from the age of seventeen. Shortly after, life led him to reside in China, which was a turning point for him,

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