Ubblahkan are a DJ/production duo with a sound that’s firmly placed in the House genre yet infl uenced by everything from Techno to Disco.Hailing from Belfast, a city thats becoming globally recognised for its vibrant underground scene, the duo hold a collection of residencies alongside a fortnightly internet radio show. The team have vast experience in playing for major events and venues such as DO NOT SLEEP, Viva Warriors, Sundays At Space, Café del Mar & Café Mambo. This fuels regular trips abroad to some of the scenes most established countries and nightclubs, from London, New York, Amsterdam, Miami, Ibiza & Dubai.With an obsessive devotion to DJ’ing, the duo cherishing nothing more than connecting with a crowd and providing the perfect soundtrack for any location. - www.ubblahkan.com - www.facebook.com/ubblahkan - www.residentadvisor.net/dj/ubblahkan - www.instagram.com/ubblahkan/ - @ubblahkan -

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