Born in 1989, David Felix Esser aka KAMIKA grew up in Germanys most beautiful place: Hamburg. Early involvement in the citys political subcultures brought about inspiration from all kinds of places and people ñ artists, punks and friends influenced KAMIKA. Eager to produce his own music,KAMIKA began to feel his way into his own music in 2007. In 2008 electronic music finally won his heart and brought him on stage at non-profit parties in Hamburgs underground clubs: His project ìGorbatschowaî was born. In 2009 he joined the label ìCirque du minimalisteî founded by Felix Lorusso and Ira & I. From there on he developed his special style, dominated by cold vocals and warm basslines combined with minimalistic percussion and disturbing sounds. KAMIKA continuously tries to elaborate his individual idea of

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