Let ́s go! These three clear words sum up the title theme of Sawgood ́s latest butt crunching EP.The track Turbinator sets the stage for a topsy truvy rollercoaster ride through various electronic genres. You better buckle up for this French thrill-seeker, because the raw energy and dynamic rhythmic changes of these three new tunes will make your head spin before you can say: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!But also the ease with which the Freakz Me Out digital warrior mixes House, Dubstep, 110 bpm and Electro influences together is amazing. Never swaying to one side, always staying afloat and miles ahead of the rest of the field. Another talent which Sawgood certainly has, is finding the perfect balance between atmospheric parts and banging body twisting musical outbreaks. But no matter how fast the

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