Ronny Muller

Born in 1977 in Luxembourg / Europe, i growed up with a lot of music stylez in my family & in 1987 i started to listen electronic music like Jean Michel Jarre , Boytronic, Confettis, Die Krupps,Human Resource, it was the beginning of ACID HOUSE & NEW BEAT, also different artists andbands like LFO, KLF, Front 242, Off and many more inspired me to my own music and to “Dj’ing” on many many private partys .In 1992, the electronic music gives me a few of new ideas to organise public partys in pubs & bars.In 2006 i was doing some tests with a lot of music softs to create my own rythms sounds like :Rebirth, Reason, Fruity Loops, Cuebase SX and finally found a good solution called ABLETON LIVE ;-)Today

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