Mad Bob

Born in Milan, Mad Bob is an Italian voice and dj/producer.His musical roots through the house and techno of many generations.Over time, Mad Bob has appeared on all the most important Italian national radio programs famous for lending his voice as a radio DJ, 105, M2O, and many others.As a producer he released records with several record labels, including its production, the one with THE CUBE GUYS "LA BANDA" E "VOILA 'VOILA'" (at the top of the charts in little more 'than a week), Intrallazzi Roberto, Luca Provera Datura, DJ Mauri, Roland Brant, MC HAIR, DJ Shorty, Luca Z, Mark May, Lorenzo De Preti, Miki Garzilli, Stephan Crown, Rio Dela Duna, Terranova.....The Duplè compilation and technomachine had touch the heads of sales.He is making a collaboration in a radio program

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