The Belorussian techno duet was formed in March, 2009. Structure : Andrei Yemtsev (aka Aye) became Dj in 2006, he pushed on to create the project. Andrew Dakuko (aka Andrew Rostoff) started his musical career in 2007 year, when he had passion for dj's music. Writes music since 2006. In his music you can hear uncertainty and original, that often depends on emotions and inspiration. Delicate part of violin and deep bass lines together with minimalistic quantity of sounds make to pay attention and reveal your soul to his music. We work in styles: Minimal , Techno, Tech House, House, Electronica, Experimental, Dubstep. "Actually we are not exhausted on style...In each style there us a plus...Therefore it is not necessary to be surprised, if in our track your hear smth, that

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