Phil D'bit

Phil d'bit "Filippo, in art Phil d’bit, born in Verona in 1984. Linked by a bond of kinship with Sebastiano Sedda, they grow together musically and artistically. From an early age they cultivated a great interest in music ranging from different music styles. At the age of 15 years begin to experience their first attempts at music production. In 2001, parallel to their productive creativity start to shoot the first records in the local area. In 2004, their first dates at the disco. For two years after running all the clubs in their city. In late 2006, becoming part of the Mosquito crew as a resident DJ, playing with guests like Bloody Mary, Abe Duque, Dinky, Oliver Koletzki, Tony Rohr, Anthony Collins, Riva Starr, Felix Krocher, Francesco Zappalà, Andrew Grant,

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