Fabio T.

Dj - producer (digital)Rome, Turin, Naples, Ibiza, Berlin, LondonDark techno, deep techno, deep house, Techouse.Fabio T. Is a DJ/Producer, italian, grew up waving the flag of PRODIGY, a bizarre but known English band of the nineties, the promoters of a genre called PUNK T ECHNO, they mixed punk and techno sounds together, with their dark and gloomy sound, their strange and gruesome video, captured FABIO T.!He living in Rome, considers this his passion, his greatest hobby, definitely not a profession. for family reasons from an early age, he changes many cities in Italy, grow in His attraction for electronic music since childhood. at the age of 18 years had the first real contact with the music, looks like Practical support to a resident DJ of a tourist resort,the proposed music

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