Dave Berlian

Dave Berlian (or Berlian) was born in the old town center ofNaples (Italy) in 1993.Since he was 12 years old he goes in search of his ownway of sound, going by different musical genres, andenamoured by important artists as Michael Jackson, FrankieKnuckles, Madonna, he starts listening music at 360°.He starts playing as a DJ since 2008-09 (Playing next toimportant artists as Matador, Sasha Carassi, RogerSanchez, Clockwork and other) and getting renowned hedecides to approach the world of production.Influenced by dark and gloomy sounds, It took a trip toLondon for Dave to finally discover the pleasure forelectronic music.In January '14 Richie Hawtin passed his track"Technocheap" at BPM festival.Perseverance, ambition and determination permit him to goon his way.

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