The Dan

T he Dan ( Danielo ) was born 1974 in Heemskerk(Amsterdam ) transladandose to Seville ( Spain ) from verysmall with only 8 years I was struck much dance music , djs ,everything about this world.With 24 years experience in cabins is not until 1989 whenhe started playing for the first time a few plates , no longerinterested by clicking Harddance ( bakalao ) . T he first timeyou click on a nightclub was in 1991 and sung by clickingharddance resident Calatraba Room (Sevilla). Since then Ihave walked several rooms and around the city as Sala Q ,Disco Stiletto , M1 , Disco Rialto , Seville Mia , Ring,Scandalo , SVQ , Diode, Hook Seviya , Z one 4, summerterraces and some more ke no memory of name andcountless private

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