Rob Slac

For nearly 20 years, Orlando-native and Chillin Music record-slinger, Rob Slac has been delivering the goods in cities across the globe from San Francisco to Berlin. Playing at the legendary EndUp (SF), Firestone (Orlando), Taunchar (Berlin), ZEN 99 (FL), and countless other clubs, massives and afterparties, Slac's street-cred extends far and wide. In 2004, Slac was voted Best DJ in the Orlando Weekly, which gave him the push to start Chillin Music. Chillin has since evolved into a highly respected label, with a roster of artists that includes Luke Solomon, Pezzner, Oliver Klein, Ardalan, Tom Flynn, Sasse, Roy Davis Jr. and many more. Through his own production efforts, Rob has appeared on OM Records, Moodmusic, Regular, Viva, FFWD, Eighth Dimension, Tight Recordings, and other esteemed labels. If you want to get dirty

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