Priscila Due

ENGLISH BIO:Daughter of American father and Spanish mother Priscilla is born in Spain in 1982.She shows from very small a great interest for the music on having started composing at a young age, being her first serious project a band of Rock.Seduced by the electronics she evolves to vocal meetings loaded with force and sensuality where she re-mixes with amazing mastery be afraid of 80 and 90'years with the last trends in the suitcases of the DJ's.At present relies on productions together with Carlos Gallardo, J. Velarde & Luque, Javi Reina, T. Tommy, Pablo Kopanos & A.B.García, Sergio Contreras...She is also a composer for record as Clipper's, Blanco y Negro, Sunset Records, Rock Star, etcAnd there has formed a part of parties Desalia Ron Barceló, Matinée, Supermartxe, Maxima FM, I

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