The SKingz : Born in the early 80s, SKingz is a DJ and producer from the west of germany. He started working on music in 1996. In 2004 he started DJing for mth.House (, known as one of the biggest housemusic-webradios in germany. In this time he produced trax like "Headlines" or "Close my Eyes" that were flying around in the world wide web. At t he end of 2008 he got more int o producing new music again and released the "Just for your love EP" as a digital EP in the www. 2009 started with 80s influenced "Lightstepper" that had massive support by various discohouse-DJs. He did remixes for Agent St ereo, DJ EQ, Groove Savor and Joey Chicago, which were released on labels like DISCO GALAXY, Stardust

Latest Releases