Pat Fulgoni

Singer, Producer, Musician. "Fulgoni could sing a pearl from its oyster" (Billboard) Pat has sung across a wide range of styles from drum n bass to dub, from electronica to house, from rock, blues and soul to funk and jazz and for artists ranging from festival headliners Camo & Krooked to Technimatic, Zion Train to Jeff Buckley song writer Gary Lucas, from his own solo blues to his psych rock dance outfit Kava Kava. He's performed live across the USA, China, Europe at clubs, live music venues, major festivals. Pat runs a small independent record label. His music features in US TV shows incl Weeds (Lionsgate), John From Cincinnati (HBO), Dirt (Disney) and award winning independent films and computer games. Pat's vocals grace huge drum n bass tracks with Technimatic, Keeno, Camo & Krooked, London Elektricity, Logistics,

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