Ayah Marar

Ayah Marar is without doubt one of the most talented songwriters and performers in the electronic music scene of our time. Ayah Marar has collaborated with Calvin Harris, Camo & Krooked, DJ Marky, Toddla T, Total Science and Jack Peñate. She seamlessly transcends multiple genres. Many of the finest bass, pop, underground, indie music producers and performers have taken note. Ayah immersed herself in the drum and bass scene at an early age. Be it adding guest vocals to tracks on Hospital Records and Metalheadz, touring Europe with DJs or having her own four year DJ residency at Herbal. With what must have seemed every other new 'pop star' trying to marry a gargantuan dance beat to a melody, it was a competitive world. The difference? Ayah isn’t faking it. She lives

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