Max Coseglia

Max Coseglia, started his musical career very young whenhis parents give him his first record player as a gift.Naturally endowed with great sensibility and ear for Music,has always turned its attention to rap, pop and all types ofelectronic sounds.He started playing and performing at only sixteen years oldand decided to cultivate his passion becoming a soundengineer.So Max has been pounding out numerous quality hits wichhave received plenty of local and international support. Hestarted to produce for several artists, also producing up tonow that they see as important to print on label as Globox ofDigital Records (Sasha Carassi's Label) and LooseRecords (Mario Manganelli and Rino Cerrone's Label)batons and renowned pioneers of Techno Electronic music,and then, 3 albums with Major and Indie Records.Finally, Max is based between London and Naples where hecontinues

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