Deep Mariano

DJ and producer, born in 1981 in Rosario, Argentina. Over two decades he has been working on the development of a singular and always mutable work, under different names: Deep Mariano, Mariano Marcial, Mariano. To date, he has released 2 full-length albums, 4 EPs, 19 vinyl appearances and more than 60 digital tracks, including originals, collaborations and remixes. At the same time, he contributes to the construction of his regional scene, being an energetic promoter of electronic culture. Actually, he is involved in various projects. He runs his own record label, MICRA. He created the MÚSICA LUNAR platform together with Jorge Savoretti, with the aim of making talent visible in the electronic scene in Argentina. Likewise, together with Jorge Savoretti and Franco Cinelli they constitute FLUSS, a trio of DJs

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