Julio Okura

Dj/Produceur from Paris, 23 years old, clubbing since 2006, Julio Okura started making discover his electronic music passion, his univers to all formers and new clubbers.Former résident Dj in a famous night bar « Mixer Bar » in Le Marais and now résident in another great night bar in Bastille « In Out Paris » after having played in places as « Folie’s Pigalles », « Batofar » and After’s as « Soundays », « Pigallion » in Paris.Also, Julio Okura moved for summer 2012 on the French Riviera for playing in « Kharma Club » Cannes. For few times, he begun on music production which has been productive, in fact Julio Okura signs that first track, in collaboration with Elekrokub, on the House Polish label « Minimalistyczni_E Rec. »

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